Welcome to Gravesend Spiritualist Church


19 Clarence Place, Gravesend, DA12 1LD.

01474 328459


Sundays at 6.30pm – 7.45pm                           Wednesdays 7.30pm – 8.45pm

Good will offering                                               Members £2.00   Non-Members £2.50

Healing is  available  on Mondays 12.30pm – 2.30pm, also after the Wednesday meetings at 9.00pm, a donation would be appreciated.



Dates 2016.

July                                      August                                      September

Day Date Name Day Date Name Day Date Name
Sun 3rd Christina Green Wed 3rd TBA Sun 4th Jane Roberts Australia
Wed 6th Paula Stevens Sat 6th Paul & Steve Woods


Wed 7th Phil Towler
      Sun 7th TBA      
Sun 10th Chris Connelly Wed 10th Brenda Cottingham Sun 11th Keara Hanson
Wed 13th Tina Muddle       Wed 14th Laura Martine
      Sun 14th Mark McDonagh Sat 17th Spirit Readings
Sun 17th Adele Wed 17th Chrissy King Sun 18th Sue Pool
Wed 20th Jan Gauston       Wed 21st Trudy & Josie
      Sun 21st Julie Hawkins Sun 25th Teresa Rikkets
Sun 24th Maria & Phil Wed 24th Steve Woods Wed 28th Elaine Grout
Wed 27th Angela Brigenshaw            
Sun 31st Wendy Lewis Sun 28th Diane Hubert      
      Wed 31st Richard Baldwin      


October                                  November                     December

Day Date Name Day Date Name Day Date Name
Sun 2nd June Kamara Wed 2nd Simone Sun 4th Paul woods
Wed 5th Maria Meredith       Wed 7th David Brigenshaw
Fri 7th Spirit Supper Sun 6th Jamie Dickie      
Sun 9th Lorraine Knight Wed 9th Tracey Reed Sun 11th Pat
Wed 12th Brenda Cottingham       Wed 14th Trudy & Josie
      Sun 13th Dawn Evens Sun 18th Keith Thompson
Sun 16th Gwen Legg & Chris Wed 16th Karen Willis Wed 21st Christina Green
Wed 19th Paul Woods            
      Sun 20th Harry Trimmer      
Sun 23rd David Brigenshaw Wed 23rd Sally Johnson Sun 25th Church closed
Wed 26th Vicky Diprose       Wed 28th Church closed
      Sun 27th Mary Smith      
Sun 30th Kirsty & Mat Wed 30th Carol Baker      

October Spirit Supper: Phil Towler, Wendy Lewis, Steve Woods, Maria Meredith, Paula Stevens.